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Photo source: weheartit.com

I’ve intoxicated you
With the kiss of death.
I felt you trembling next to me
In the dark.
You hid your glance
Avoiding my bite.
How long you gonna run away?
From me
From yourself
From us…


Author: Anna María

I'm just a normal person who enjoyes the life and I try to make a challenge of it every day. I love reading books, I love people around me, I like to study and to discover every day something new. I realized that you can be happy only when you accept that happiness comes from within, I've also learned to accept the life with all her gifts and all the ups and downs.

4 thoughts on “Distance

  1. there are so many ideas of love. this kiss of death sounds briefly exciting!


    • Yes, literally it would be brief.. I was rather thinking in the terms of death meaning change. Which hopefully would last a bit longer 😀
      Thank you for visiting my blog!


  2. Thanks for following my blog, otherwise I would not have come across yours


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