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Dust storm


Dust storm
Photo source: Pinterest

Looking at the fireworks
Surrounded by crowds
My only companion is the wind.
We are both travelers
Wandering at high-speed
Deserters of the closeness.
Today I am as a dust storm
Metamorphosing the emptiness
Diving in colorful depths.
Sometimes I wish I could be
The spring rain, resting on your skin
At least for a few seconds…


Author: Anna María

I'm just a normal person who enjoyes the life and I try to make a challenge of it every day. I love reading books, I love people around me, I like to study and to discover every day something new. I realized that you can be happy only when you accept that happiness comes from within, I've also learned to accept the life with all her gifts and all the ups and downs.

13 thoughts on “Dust storm

  1. Great Said Anna…!
    Life is also the name of discovery and creativity on daily basis..!
    Otherwise life will become stuck..!
    We can find new in life if you are much sensitive and also you have acceptability of challenges..!
    Also great thoughts…!


  2. Ah, this is truly beautiful, Anna. I love it.


  3. Beautifully written. The last three lines are brilliant…


  4. Sites like yours inspire me to put more of my poetry up. Thanks 🙂


  5. I also love the last three lines. Well the images fit really well I love it so much!


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