Seeing the life differently!

The bicycle


RISD bicycle drawing
Photo source: Pinterest

We hastily scrawl smiles
On other people’s faces.
Slaves of the mirrors
We avoid the introspection.
Pretending to have a destiny
We ride a trash bicycle
And we choose to bruise our knees
Rather than opening our eyes…


Author: Anna María

I'm just a normal person who enjoyes the life and I try to make a challenge of it every day. I love reading books, I love people around me, I like to study and to discover every day something new. I realized that you can be happy only when you accept that happiness comes from within, I've also learned to accept the life with all her gifts and all the ups and downs.

12 thoughts on “The bicycle

  1. Eyes are closed to see you
    Inside my soul
    I have always foolish
    And true 🙂


  2. Nice play on words…very witty expression….


  3. Imagination and creativity. Wonderful combination.


  4. Nice piece of work, Anna Maria. Thanks for reading and liking on my blog.


  5. Hey… are you reading my mail again? Haha… can so relate to what you write. Have you set some new goals this year to crank up the skills?


    • I thought I was reading mine, I had no idea it was yours 🙂
      I have daily goals: trying to do my best in whatever I do and going to sleep at peace with myself…
      Nice to hear from you again, Steven!
      I love your post: “What if money really was no object?”


  6. I am so proud of you! And a bit envious :)… Love you!


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