Seeing the life differently!

Mandatory Redirect


The Irreducible Primary


“Potential states evolve
A reality of truth
The blurred silhouette

Emerge from desires
The self-centered pleasures
Confines of ego

Vision, perception
A material trap
Mountains between us

The global stage, unrest
Obsolescence, unavoidable plunge
No longer relevant

Environmental failing
Catastrophes, epidemics, crimes
Guilty are most trusted

Peace, incomplete whole
Mutually disregarded intent
Love left to the skeptics

A mandatory redirect
Transcendent resolution
Love consciousness lives”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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Author: Anna María

I'm just a normal person who enjoyes the life and I try to make a challenge of it every day. I love reading books, I love people around me, I like to study and to discover every day something new. I realized that you can be happy only when you accept that happiness comes from within, I've also learned to accept the life with all her gifts and all the ups and downs.

2 thoughts on “Mandatory Redirect

  1. Thanks for referring me to Rob Anna – I like his style and have signed up to his blog 🙂


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