Seeing the life differently!


Dali’s elephant

Painting by Salvador Dali

You transport me to unknown lands
On virgin beaches with pearly sands…
Rainbows are gushing from your eyes.
Your extremities elongate
Similar to Dali’s elephant
And you transport me above
On a beach of clouds…
Your smile disarms me.
Every kiss seals what it is
And what lies ahead
A promise, a dance in two…
I bathe in the peace induced by
The grip of your hand on my hip.
Your velvety skin keeps place of a shelter
For my shadows
Which miraculously evaporate
And become just memories…
You forge miracles with your manly hands.
With the same hands
You transform me into a violin
And I’m carrying you to unknown lands
On the music dictated by the meticulously polished wood…



Chaotic dance

Dance by Salvador Dalí Photo source: Pinterest

Dance by Salvador Dalí
Photo source: Pinterest

I’ve danced with the sadness
Hand in hand, then she pulled me closer
I’ve rested my head on her shoulder
Crooning our sad, powerful song…
Gazing at the moon
She seemed scribbled by an unsure hand
Even the waves seemed to sound wrongfully
I’ve closed my eyes, our dance became chaotic
And the wind was burning my cheeks.
A cricket’s song disturbed the moment
Bringing back some dusted memories
How can you love if you’re blindfolded
And how can you trust if you don’t love?
Blindfolded by ego and ideals
We travel losing the beauty
Her magic, her lack of opulence
Ending up dancing with the enemy
Fed by our petrified hearts…



Photo credit: Pinterest

We stray in the night,
While present
You’re still absent.
Uncertainty takes my hand
We start a tango
You’re watching carefully.
I fall out her hands
And I get closer to you
With flamenco steps.
The clatter of the feelings
Is intense, consuming
Becoming a paso doble.
You act as hefty
Powerful, insane
I chase the red.
Who’s defeated
Who’s the winner
You or me?


Dancing with the scars

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

I woke up in the middle of the night with a bitter taste, not only in my mouth but in my whole body. Who are you to enter my life, to shake my whole balance and how is possible to even enjoy this, knowing that is poisoning for myself?

Did you knew that a scar is always a scar and never heals even if it looks smooth after a while? They told me that the scars are reminders of the past.
Tonight my scars started to bleed, they exploded all at once, transforming themselves into huge wounds, shouting loudly that the past is present and no matter how hard I try to hide it, it will be always there; I will keep carry my wounds  with myself  and even if I try to breathe deep, focus on something else, I will always find them lurking in some corner waiting to get unleashed.
What am I doing?
I smile…
I take their hands and we start dancing a dance known  only by us. We are celebrating the pain tonight and we dance until we fall on the floor dizzy, smiling even more.
I start listening stories long time forgotten and I just listen without being  judgmental, I find out things that I use to hide even from myself and the peace is taking over the pain.
I fall asleep hugging my scars and all my scratches.