Seeing the life differently!


The mirror


Photo source: Pinterest

How can you step over dead bodies
In order to raise yourself
Even in your own eyes?
How can you say that you smile
When you stick your teeth in my carotid?
How can you feed yourself
With the sap of crushed flowers
Stepping on them until exhaustion?
How can you sleep soundly
When you disturb everything around you?
What you’re seeing in the mirror
Every morning, when you’re waking up?



Photo credit: Pinterest

We stray in the night,
While present
You’re still absent.
Uncertainty takes my hand
We start a tango
You’re watching carefully.
I fall out her hands
And I get closer to you
With flamenco steps.
The clatter of the feelings
Is intense, consuming
Becoming a paso doble.
You act as hefty
Powerful, insane
I chase the red.
Who’s defeated
Who’s the winner
You or me?