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Guillotine oppressed love

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

In indian file
Love walks cuffed by ankle
And hunchbacked by colossal boulders;
With a knife stuck in the eye…
From the wound ooze pus, screams
Fake smiles that could kill in an instance
Guillotine shaped words…
The tears have dried up long ago
They say lack of rain it’s the reason;
There are surrogates of tears
Promoted in television and beautifully packed
Even surrogates of rain, I’ve heard…
Love walks tied at mouth
With another knife stuck in the forehead
From which ooze imperceptibly
Venom dispensed in chinese water drops…
Love walks hungry and doomed;
The plain it’s fertile
But her hands were amputated…

Love is reduced to silence…



Handcuffed souls on a deserted canvas

Blue nude by Pablo Picasso Photo source: Pinterest

Blue nude by Pablo Picasso
Photo source: Pinterest

I wish I could paint
To combine the oils, in lack of words –
Handcuffed souls on a deserted canvas.
The turmoil of thoughts strolls mutely
And the silence seems oppressive
Tick-tock tick-tock
The dusty timepiece continues his cadence
But he seems absent too, the time
Elapsing stealthily
Recording another day of dissimulation.
Sentences crowded in the uproar of words
Make place to get out on surface.
The fireplace reflects images long ago saw
I’m numb – a wandering witness
Smoking a cigarette.
Where is the battle? Where is the hope?
They are deadened
By a glass of thick wine called anesthesia.
And why are we so cowardly?
We escape pain, love, sometimes ourselves…
Awarded for dissimulation
We drag along dusty illusions
Surrendering in the fortress of en masse sold happiness
Where we can fix everything except for the numbed souls…