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1C275417-35E1-41FB-8719-1AC2665DE7A5 Photo source: Pinterest

You bite out of my carotid
You’re ripping my flesh out.
The blood spouts into a powerful jet
You’re spitting the meat on the floor
And ruthlessly you bite me again.
Blood jets draw frenetic
Forbearance dissimulated in bravery,
Atrocious restrained pain.
I can hear sizzling of the salt on the open wound,
I can feel the clenching of the muscles,
But I do not feel pain.
You’re ripping my flesh out until you get to the bone.
With my fingernails I draw symbols on the scorched walls,
Witnesses of impotence and shattered dreams.
I’m screeching with my broken nails on the bare brick.
I’m breaking a piece of my hanging flesh
And limping in the dark I’m heading
To the dusty mirror.
What do I see?
You’re biting and I’m biting.
You’re ripping my flesh out and I’m ripping my flesh out.
With the latest powers I broke the mirror,
In the splinters
I see fragments of what would it have been…
Tired spider’s webs hang on my face.
I’m hugging my knees next to the chest
And I’m crooning a song known just by myself.
Where do the arrows poisoned with hatred lead?
You’re biting and I’m biting.
You’re ripping my flesh out and I’m ripping my flesh out.
Like a boomerang.



Dali’s elephant

Painting by Salvador Dali

You transport me to unknown lands
On virgin beaches with pearly sands…
Rainbows are gushing from your eyes.
Your extremities elongate
Similar to Dali’s elephant
And you transport me above
On a beach of clouds…
Your smile disarms me.
Every kiss seals what it is
And what lies ahead
A promise, a dance in two…
I bathe in the peace induced by
The grip of your hand on my hip.
Your velvety skin keeps place of a shelter
For my shadows
Which miraculously evaporate
And become just memories…
You forge miracles with your manly hands.
With the same hands
You transform me into a violin
And I’m carrying you to unknown lands
On the music dictated by the meticulously polished wood…


The death of words

Picture by Sarlota Bán Photo source: Pinterest

Picture by Sarlota Bán
Photo source: Pinterest

“Face of sand
and hands of sand
and the tongue in my mouth also sand
I cannot say anything to my defense
in this court of sand
with lights of sand
clerks of sand
memories of sand
and someone to turn over the hour clock.
Everything I ever loved has turned to sand
everything I ever did wrong has turned to sand
and judges of sand
are trialling me
and sentencing me to death
on a scaffold of sand”

by Octavian Paler



The potion of immortality

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

Undraped souls
Swirled in the morning’s vortex
Gushing hands donating everything –
The equivalent of nothing
For the dormant eye.
Unfettered souls
Inebriated from empty cups
The potion of immortality is hope.


Rust leafs


Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

Smilies drenched by the morning’s dew
Held by violin cords and rainbow birds.
The time seems motionless
Hypnotized by the glow in our eyes.
Rust leafs fall on the stray path;
I see you walking away slowly
Whistling a forgotten song.
I retreat into my rusty shell
Rusted by the long past rains
And while fighting the storm
I’m waiting for you, dreaming –
A wild horse dancing in the wind…
Holding my hand you tell me stories
Easily delineating smiles on my face
And we are walking on the same path –
Overlaid with snowflakes…

Sometimes happiness is like an ice rink…
How beautiful it is to fall and then get up!
When we escape, we are not running from angst
But because we haven’t found someone to hold our hand…



Lame love

Painting by Salvador Dalí

Painting by Salvador Dalí. Photo source: Pinterest

Love hurts you, it burns you, it consumes you, it devours you because it cancels you as a person, it steps on your ego and the loved one become even more important than yourself.
Love is crazy because it has no logic and without asking it settles in your flesh, in your bones, in every single cell until it becomes a greater force than yourself.
You can only kill love by dissecting it, every inch of it, until no trace of mystery is left.
Maybe I’ve never felt as free as I do now, I was blinded by a lame love, handicapped by distance.
I’ll dump the crutches and step on my wounds with my head held high.
Life is beauty anyway, with or without lame loves. There are sadder things in this world and only a few have found their soul mate – even if they’ve lost it.


Chaotic dance

Dance by Salvador Dalí Photo source: Pinterest

Dance by Salvador Dalí
Photo source: Pinterest

I’ve danced with the sadness
Hand in hand, then she pulled me closer
I’ve rested my head on her shoulder
Crooning our sad, powerful song…
Gazing at the moon
She seemed scribbled by an unsure hand
Even the waves seemed to sound wrongfully
I’ve closed my eyes, our dance became chaotic
And the wind was burning my cheeks.
A cricket’s song disturbed the moment
Bringing back some dusted memories
How can you love if you’re blindfolded
And how can you trust if you don’t love?
Blindfolded by ego and ideals
We travel losing the beauty
Her magic, her lack of opulence
Ending up dancing with the enemy
Fed by our petrified hearts…