Seeing the life differently!


Dali’s elephant

Painting by Salvador Dali

You transport me to unknown lands
On virgin beaches with pearly sands…
Rainbows are gushing from your eyes.
Your extremities elongate
Similar to Dali’s elephant
And you transport me above
On a beach of clouds…
Your smile disarms me.
Every kiss seals what it is
And what lies ahead
A promise, a dance in two…
I bathe in the peace induced by
The grip of your hand on my hip.
Your velvety skin keeps place of a shelter
For my shadows
Which miraculously evaporate
And become just memories…
You forge miracles with your manly hands.
With the same hands
You transform me into a violin
And I’m carrying you to unknown lands
On the music dictated by the meticulously polished wood…




Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

What is actually a dream?
Hope or just idealization?
Who could stop us from dreaming
Except for ourselves?
I look up to the sky
Contemplating the harmony of stars
Blending myself into silence…
I dream about… and my heart starts galloping
Without letting me finish my sentence.
I smile knowing I’ve found the answer…


All or nothing

Passion by Rola Chang
Photo source: Pinterest

Sometimes the triumph
Is build upon sleepless nights.
The compelling smile rises
After the cumulus of tears.
The conflicts are ceased
By the warmest hugs.
Is it wrong to want
All or nothing?

Sometimes passion
Is devouring us mercilessly.
We try to climb with the nails
On a slippery terrain
And we still enjoy
Every second of it,
Because if it doesn’t burn
Is not real…

Do we need to face the agony
So we can prove the reality?
Or we just get addicted
To the burning in our souls?
If it doesn’t burn
Is not real…
Is it wrong to want
All or nothing?