Seeing the life differently!


The mirror


Photo source: Pinterest

How can you step over dead bodies
In order to raise yourself
Even in your own eyes?
How can you say that you smile
When you stick your teeth in my carotid?
How can you feed yourself
With the sap of crushed flowers
Stepping on them until exhaustion?
How can you sleep soundly
When you disturb everything around you?
What you’re seeing in the mirror
Every morning, when you’re waking up?



Temporal madness

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

Scraps of thoughts
Struggling for power
With sewn mouths
Desperately knock at the door
And the walls crack out of pain…
On the other side of the wall
The hands draw frantically
Ideas and symbols on the shaky floor –
Tangibility of obsession
Reflections in a broken mirror…



The whirlpool of silence

Artist: Vincent van Gogh
Photo source: Pinterest

Unspoken words
Cram into the whirlpool of silence
Murmuring fragments of thoughts;
Sculpting the sorrow in stones, so smoothly
That only the skillful eye of time
Can discern the undisclosed.


Rain drops

Rain drops
Photo credit: Pinterest

Stray thoughts
Beaded on rain drops,
Dreams oozed
On the sooty glass
While falling
Transformed in wings.
I look out the window
With child’s eyes
Pressing my forehead against it.
I listen to the rain drops
Drip drip drip
They crackle to the ground.
I feel like rolling in the puddles
Bathing in their perfume…
How could I not love the rain?